Concrete Cutters


Wire Sawing

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altThis innovative technique offers the ability to cut through almost any thickness of concrete, stone or granite mass. With a cut width of approximately 12mm, this process is virtually silent.

Wire sawing requires the use of water but this can be controlled using special protection and collection methods.

The concrete wire sawing process involves running a diamond coated continuous ‘rope’ around the object to be cut. A hydraulic or electrically powered motor drives the diamond wire saw as it is drawn through a series of pulleys.


Ideal for cutting deep slabs, rotunda bases, capping beams, bridge sections and columns, the process has also been used successfully for the recovery of specialist rock formations for archaeological purposes.


Concrete Cutters has continued to develop this technique over the years and has also proved that steel can be cut using this method.

Wire sawing is useful where access is limited for more conventional saw cutting methods.



  • Ideal for cutting thick obscure reinforced concrete
  • Suitable for awkward shapes
  • Almost unlimited wire length